Motherhood – A talk about the experience of parenting

We are going to get into talk about their experience of parenting but also experts in the same fields, doing both things in the same time is really cool and really healing as a parents if you hear these two. How should we develop, What do you think for both of the parents, the work that you do even specifically the work of moms, what do you find that they’re struggling with the most, I know all these are loaded questions.. 

When someone leaps into Mother’s mind for them it’s like they wouldn’t include themselves , it’s a guilt feeling for them, guilt in perfectionism and the message that we can and always should be doing things better that we’re not doing it, well enough, right enough that the consequences for that are so tired, like if I am not feeding my child with right food, in a right way or even following the rules , they’re going to have any disorder, or if I put myself or prioritize the self-care, all these things would fall apart so that’s not even a possibility. The layer which keeps Mom out of touch what they need sometime and even if they’re in touch that puts them in sort of a way from being able to implement it.

From an outside opinion a little bothered mom would say things to you because of heavy anxiety especially you talk up, first part of depression , but really what they see is first part of anxiety, and being important is that to choose a high expectations that you say yourselves that moms should figure it all out like instantaneously when and where there babies are out but you know what to do magically and know how’s that supposed to happen and the expectations of the society is like we should have ourselves, most if the ideas are you know what are the woman should be like really successfully driven and well educated, who should really do well in lives. 

The first time that when you can’t get and you know there isn’t a good measure that how well you are doing you know when you think back it would be very difficult at first to and if that could be in general to be seen that people struggling with body and throughout pregnancy whether expectations with the body how could things change or not and wink society for that. You would think that If I just work harder things would probably go well and you look like to say the same skill set that you have learnt from long time potentially possible to their experience.

I think there’s often a culture to martyr down around motherhood so that really doubles down I think on entitlement piece and then becomes how we function with any kind of self-care for a long hard day were you are deserved to go bed early, you don’t have to earn but to go to bed early, some of those things may not be come by for a day off also inherently it’s something you’re deserving off. There’s nothing you have to do to deserve that I am sure, as you have done almost all the duties of the day.

Your body needs the fuel sometimes less sometimes more, you are going to have to do well with basic functioning, so you’re able to maintain those. This is the body this is what needs, that we are not able to stay up. You should go reassessing how well you’re doing, you should approach for good enough mothering and self-care, even if we are less expected we might have to refrain mothering and self-care.

Google when you want , may a be research would be well off, you are going to explore failure and manageable way, what the ways the research shows, that’s how independence gets boring, trust gets boring, that’s the way that we learn attachment, kind of like brief surfacy…

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